About Luxor Network

Luxor was founded in the year 1932. Over almost a century of the past journey, Luxor witnessed and gone through numerous global crisis and transform from a family business to become a strong corporate in Malaysia. The success of Luxor is indeed built on its dynamic, prudent and good business value and practices.

For 20 years, Luxor Network Sdn Bhd has led the market not only as a pioneer in Gamat Jelly but also a leader in using advanced scientifically proven methods to innovate and develop superior products.

Luxor JeliGamat is the undisputed leader and pioneer in the market. Luxor JeliGamat gives you more value for your money and is proven Pure, Safe and Effective.

When buying, consumers should make sure that their purchase confirms to this level of purity and quality.

Therefore, bring this wonderful 'Gift from the Sea' into your home and together reap the many benefits of this wonderful product.

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